Orangevale Grange GWA
Grange Women's Association
Orangevale Grange No. 354
Serving Orangevale and the surrounding communities since 1910
We want to help YOU do more in your community. See the list below on how you can...
  • bring a non perishable food item to breakfast and we'll make sure it gets delivered to the Orangevale Food Bank!    
  • bring used eyeglasses to breakfast and our GWA will donate them to a project that redistributes them to needy individuals.    
  • ever feel like stamps are wasted once they have been delivered? Cut them out with an inch of paper (no peeling please) and bring them to the Grange. We collect them for Easter Seals who has a deal to sell them to collectors and Easter Seals reaps the donations.    
  • have extra towels and blankets that are usable? What about no longer used pet toys? The Orangevale GWA is collecting such usable items for donation to the SPCA to help out our area's homeless but hopeful dogs and cats.
Women were given full membership in the Grange from the very beginning.
For nearly 100 years, the women of the Grange, working as a committee, have been called the backbone that supports and help funds the various activities of the Grange. From community service programs to maintaining the hall, you’ll likely find the GWA is either leading the project or working hard to support it.

California was one of the first states to advocate the suffrage movement. The Pacific Rural Press in 1873, when the CSG held its first meeting, reported the Grange was part of the slow but sure progress of women toward equality. This report helped attract the committed suffragists to membership, and they soon magnified California Grangers support for women’s rights.

However, Women’s Activities organizations have always been a committee within the Grange at all levels, under several different names. Much like a legislative or youth committee, they are responsible to their Granges, reporting to the president and executive committee of their Grange. Today’s women can be found in just about every facet of Grange activity.